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55 thought on “AVIS”

  1. Agency is very serious and competent. The managers are attentive to our needs, to fit all our criteria for the measure, and above all, they are very responsive ! Allahuma berek. The guide that was given to us was excellent at all levels. We were able to perform an Umrah with confidence and with a lot of sense (explanations at each step, anectodes historical,ect...)
    I highly recommend ! May Allah accept our deeds.

      1. El salamo alykom wlh c t umrah machallah I valid very strong c t a good experience machallah
        Baraka allaho fikom

  2. A big big big thank you for all of your services, our trip has been the most beautiful journey of our life. If we knew that there were guides as you would ever put this much time to run because, in the end you surround yourself with, so much so that one has the sensation of being with an agency on-site so that it's not. You are always available and listening , a big thank you to Ali & Ahmed for tours, in addition to have learned about the religion they have been a very great help when we needed any kind of information, but also very advise on a lot of things. We already plan to return soon In Shaa Allah, and it is no hesiter that will appeal to you and suggerera your services without worries with our surroundings because bcq put barriers because of the price of the agencies but with you it is a gain of time and money
    Baaraka Allahu Fikum for any any any

  3. A big thank you to all the team of Umrah without agency, without them, our stay would have been very complicated. A constant follow-up, with advice and a quality framework. The guides are teachers speak several languages and are extremely helpful barrakallahfihum.
    May Allah reward them and facilitates

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        As salam u aleykum,

        I was looking for a guide to make the best out of my first umrah with my wife without going through an agency because we are still students, and the prices were not affordable for us.
        The guide was listening, correcting our errors of pronunciation, we explained each step with patience.
        Please do not hesitate to call upon them for your transfer from the airport or advice about hotels where you can stay, they can oversee your stay and allow you to avoid unpleasant surprises once there.
        People trust and receptive, I recommend 100% and is grateful for this unforgettable experience baraka Allah ufikom.

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        As salam u aleykum,

        I contacted the agency omrasansagence for visiting Medine with my wife, the guides are very responsive on whatsapp and expect a visit as soon as you arrive in the city.
        The guide comes directly pick you up at your hotel and you are located in the city during the journey.
        We went to the mosque of Quba, then where took place the battle of Uhud, Allah rewards the guide for his science, and all that he has learned on the spot, you have facilitated our stay and I would recommend you to our families that I hope are part of the guests of Allah in the near future, to take care of them too in sha Allah.
        Outside of the framework of the spiritual journey, the guides have contact and good addresses advisor, we have been able to test some of the good restaurants in Medine and we left with gifts to offer to our families as honey cumin at really affordable prices.
        That Allah will grow your business and reward you, you have made this trip a rich memories and knowledge.

  4. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    Visit quality اللهم بارك nothing to say everything was perfect Alhamdoulilah,
    I highly recommend in shaa Allah
    Jazakoum Allâhu Kheyran

      1. Salem Aleykoum,

        Al Hamdoulilah everything went well with the move. The cover of Aboubakar was more than professional. He knew how to be attentive and available al Hamdoulilah. For Umrah everything is beautifully well done as Hamdoulilah. The guide was patient and very attentive, everything has been explained very well. I highly recommend to go for Umrah without agency, al Hamdoulilah, everything has been very straightforward !

  5. Nassima and hicham

    To start a very big thank you for the support during our stay. People who take the time to respond to you at all hours, and reassuring you before you book that gives you confidence. Once arrived on site this feeling remains the same confidence, the kindness, the patient and the availability of abou3assel on medine which was amazing and then arrived at mecca, we were greeted and guided by zakarya, who we are just saying baraka allah oufik it was incredible,the sharing of his science, his knowledge and his kindness. No need for agency thanks to them and it allows us to be free, but while being accompanied by intimately and live this wonderful experience with 1000% . That allah will grow your business and reward you.

  6. : Salam aleykoum, a big thank you to you ! To aboubacar !!! 🤲🏼that since our arrival has been professional, attentive, and of great kindness. May Allah reward you for all that you've brought us. A big thank you to Yusuf for visiting Medine, stories reminders ! Thank you so much. Also a big thank you to Zakaria !!! For UMRAH 🤲🏼. Understandable, kind, responsive, pro.
    This is the most beautiful journey of our life. Hamdulillah thank you so much to all of you.
    BarakAllah oufikoum.

  7. Idrissi Yacine

    : Salam aleykoum , a big thank you to for this amazing trip.
    Special Mention to aboubacar 🙏👍💪 who is a caring person , reactive, at the top !!!!! Visits to medina was great! With Youssouf allahuma barik its science, its reminders ...
    And zakarya for Umrah ! Listening , understanding !! He had to manage 2 pers, he managed 11 pers in the end ! TEAM AT THE TOP!
    May Allah reward you greatly

  8. Kilani Abdelillah

    : Salam aleykoum ,
    I highly recommend the team Aboubacar, Youssouf and Zakaria.
    Aboubacar the logistician, mr swiss army knife that has more than one arrow to his bow.
    Yusuf and his charisma who knew we capture throughout our visit of Uhud and Qouba, a kindness incredible with the children on the place who likes it all and throws himself on him when he sees it.
    Thanks to Zakaria for his patience and professionalism, he has been able to adapt very quickly to a umrah initially planned for 2 to umrah family of ten people.
    It's people like you that allow the pilgrim to feel reassured during this spiritual journey, but also the desire to learn even more with the stories on excursions.
    Thank you to the team Aboubacar, stay as you are and don't change anything
    May Allah reward you.

  9. Salem Aleykoum,
    A big thank you to Umrah without Agency !! Hamdoulilah all is well spend. Aboubakar was able to make of professionalism during the entire stay Al hamdoulilah, he has been listening to and a huge kindness to us. I highly recommend to go through them . A big thank you also to the Guide that has allowed us to do the Umrah. Everything was beautifully explained Al hamdoulilah. A big thank you I hope to come back inshallah !!

  10. : Salam aleykoum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu.

    The visit of Quba and Uhud took place perfectly!!!!!
    I recommend going through the service, which in addition to being professional also allows you to customize according to your needs and constraints.

    The guide will pick you up and drop you off at any location of your choice.

    The lessons learned from the visit to give more value priceless (BarrakAllahou fik Azzedine).

    جَزَاكَ اللَّهُ خَيْرً


    : Salam aleykoum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu , Hamdoullah we made a visit with the brother Zacarias to Mekka , he made us travel to the time of the prophet (SWS) , Zakaria is so instructed machallah that he has given us to go into the stories of phophetes machallah, stopping in each of the places appropriate , we were like children in front of a storyteller , a great connoisseur and good speech and intonation Hamdoullah , perfect I will recommend you to all my knowledge without forgetting Abu Yusuf has Medine machallah very good character , may god grant you his grace and his paradise inshallah .


    Visit uplifting with the brother Zacarias to Mekka, we relive the time of the prophet (SWS) with erudition. Warmly recommended, as Abu Yusuf in Medina. May God grant you his grace, inshallah.

  13. This was a very nice experience for a combined visit Medina/Umrah.
    The guides were very attentive, the operational, and the gentiles : thank you to the 3 brothers that we have learned a lot of things and for the support throughout the Umrah.
    They have each participated to make this experience unique, rich and unforgettable. I hope to do one more Umrah or hajj inchaAllah and I highly recommend these guides.

  14. Super experience with abu bakr to s Medine , as well as Mekka with his colleague, The umrah, it worked out perfectly thanks to its accompanying All the tours were very well explained we really enjoyed their services. I recommend+++

  15. Excellent experience, team is to listen and dedicated in our personal commitments, beyond providing clean, they are of very good advice to enjoy most of our trip, I recommend eyes closed.

  16. I thank aboubakr for everything. We chose this as a guide to its reactivity . This is a dynamic team !
    Get to Medina without agency it has been a very great help barakAllahoufik .
    A reactivity-incredible watsap. Advice every day, as an item of links to shops habaya , the name of a neighborhood to visit. Visits Medine private 4×4 (Quba mount Uhud and desert milk of camels )
    I went with my father to 69 years old , her birthday gift, and I wanted to follow-up people , what you've provided thank you.
    Only downside , the printing press was closed Friday, Saturday, and we have not been able to do it on Sunday morning as wanted . Aboubakr I wish you the best 🤲🏻 thank you for all
    About Makkah , I thank aboubakr we have sent Haykel, who speaks perfect French tunisian lol . He is thorough , patient and explains very well the sounds at the right moments. To make a Umrah exceptional speed . It's been 6 years that he is here .
    He held my father during the tawaf and I thank enough. Allah grow your business you deserve it ! Thank you a thousand times

    On the part of the great negotiator Assia, as well as her father Ahmed .
    See you soon insh'Allah

  17. Thank you to them for the service of great quality. They are very shown available and listening for the preparation of our stay upstream, and above all, extremely responsive, available, and attentive during our stay.

    This service has allowed us to be able to travel on the dates that we treated the better. Without them, this would not have been the same thing.

    I recommend it very warmly, and a nod to our guide Aboubakar, who has been great !!

  18. I highly recommend the French-speaking umrah without agency, they were able to put us in the best possible conditions to connect to God during this stay in the family : between punctuality, transfers, explanations, nothing has been left to chance by our guide Aboubakar. Thank you so much again you come out with a lot of knowledge Al hamdulilah!

  19. Salem aleykoum a really big thank you for your availability. I recommend to 200%. From the pickup at the airport, tours, everything went very well in the past. Thank you for your advice and patience. Barak'Allah o kif

  20. Excellent experience team to listen to , I recommend it. I thank Aboubaker and Rédouane for their kindnesses.

  21. Salem aleykoum a big thank you to umrah without agency.
    Thanks to their availability, to listen to our needs and very easily accessible to answer our questions via whattsap.
    The visits are very well placed, one feels the mastery of the history of our religion macha'Allah. Thank you to you for what you have given us.
    A great big thank you for your patience, always zen macha'Allah
    And thank you thank you thank you for your support to our Umrah.
    To conclude, I recommend to 200%
    Thank you

  22. Salem ahlikoum ,my husband and I have organized a trip for umrah without going through an agency.We have YOUR GUIDE to UMRAH that we organized our stay at the hotel,including transfers, tours and the rites of umrah. It has been well-received, we learned a lot about religion and the on-site guides are very knowledgeable. I thank Redouane and Aboubakar, who in addition to being professional was able to manage a personal problem .I recommend them without hesitation .

  23. Very nice experience with Aboubakre there has been escorted and very well advised by our guide. We thank him very much for his kindness and support during our trip. I highly recommend and next time in sha allah.

  24. My sister and I used their services last week and we had a great experience with them. We were skeptical at the beginning about the money transfer requested purpose Aboubakary give us all the insurance needed for us to feel comfortable about the process. He kept in touch from the time we contacted him to the time we left Saudi. He has high integrity and strives to please his customers. Alhamdoulilah, we were privileged to do our Umrah with their services. The dedication of his team and timeliness were remarkable.
    I highly recommend them if you are looking for a hassle free and private experience in Medina and Makkah.
    Aboubakary – Thanks to you and your colleagues. We will come back inshallah.

  25. I had the opportunity to call for umrah without agency , al hamdoulilah all, it is very very well pzsser
    The brother is very reactive on snap or whatsapp. We had the change to have a fabulous guide thank you again to Fahd, who took us to quba, uhud and in a palm groves where he explained to us in the smallest details of the rites of umrah.
    So pleased with it that I have directly recommended it to friends who took the same formula
    BarakaAllah or fikium

  26. Guides to listening to and quality services.
    Our journey has been greatly facilitated.
    Baaraka Allahu Fikum

  27. having come without agency with a group of friends it is my advisor umrah without agency, and it was without regret ! Very responsive on what's app
    Quba uhud we'll explain in the least details and small relaxing break at the palm grove, al hamdulilah
    BarrakAllah û fikoum for all

  28. We had the chance to meet the brother aboubakar in the streets of madinah and was immediately available to serve as a guide, I highly recommend

  29. A brother with a little care mashallah. He gave us a historical tour of the important sites of the Medina and we found a shuttle bus to Mecca for the next day.

    I highly recommend them for all francophones who wish to visit the saudi Arabia and perform their umrah

  30. Agency is very serious, We have been able to make umrah with their help : transfer from the airport, tips about hotels, tips about visas ect.. they can manage and organize all of your stays small or long .
    Guide to confidence and receptive ,I thank him for this unforgettable experience BarakAllahoufik we have been able to live the most beautiful journey of our life, without worrying about anything El hamdoulilah . We will recommend your agency !

  31. السلام عليكم
    I would like to express my deep gratitude to you for having provided information essential to my recent Umrah, at the beginning of march 2024. Your advice and shares have been invaluable to me.
    Thanks to your detailed information, I was able to prepare myself better for this unique spiritual experience. Your support has been a source of comfort and inspiration throughout my trip.
    I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity and your precious help. Your good deeds are rewarded. Thanks again,
    بارك الله فيكم

  32. AbdelHalim Saadi

    We have made a call to Umrah without agency for our first Umrah.
    It was a complete success from beginning to end, Al Hamdoulilah.
    Abu Bakr showed a high degree of availability and everything has been organised as it should in a professional manner. He responded very quickly to all our questions.
    Each of these services, Visits to Medina and Makkah, Cover Umrah, Transfer private Medine-Makkah, have been excellent.
    The guides were very knowledgeable, with a lot of knowledge that they liked to share with us. Baraka'ALLAH oufikoum !!! May ALLAH reward you !!!

  33. Umrah without agency was able to meet all of our expectations and was able to take care of us. We performed our umrah in April 2024 and we recommend this agency with the eyes closed. In formula VI, it is a comfort not to have to worry about anything and to leave it to the experts.

    Baraka Allah fik for this experience Aboubakar

  34. Kamli Hanane

    Salem alikoum agency serious support from the beginning to the end of the stay in the respect and kindness that umrah is better in our case of Medina to Mecca ! Availability and listen to the brother Aboubakr
    Special Mention for our guide to the sister that we accompanied and guidè for umrah
    Barrakallah oufikoum Allah reward you and makes it easier for you inshallah
    I highly recommend the agency

  35. Agency is very serious and very attentive. We are delighted to have been call for umrah without Agency for our 1st in the holy land, we have to travel with my children 5 years 4 years and 2 years and to say nothing of the guides have been at the top. I highly recommend it.

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